How Can Pregnant Women Benefit from Prenatal Massage?

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but the aches and pains are no joke it’s difficult for expecting mothers to truly enjoy the entire time of pregnancy. Prenatal massage however can benefit mothers before their little bundle of joy arrives in a wide range of ways and knowing what they are may just push you to make your appointment.

Positioning the Baby

Often babies are stubborn in the womb and may not be positioned in the optimum space for both delivery and for comfort of the mother. Massage can help to move the baby and make for a much more comfortable pregnancy for both mother and baby. Prenatal massage  can even help encourage a breech baby to turn in their own time and can help relieve the pressure that comes with babies and being pregnant.

Muscle Pain

Another benefit is the relief of round ligament and other muscle pains. Carrying a child stretches the muscles in both the uterus and the abdominal wall meaning that pregnant women are nearly always sore. Prenatal massage can help stretch the muscles and make for a much more comfortable experience so that mommies are not completely miserable waiting for their little bundle to arrive.

Tension and Stress

Though pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, there are often tons of things to stress mommy out and make her uncomfortable. Prenatal massage can help to reduce stress and tension and can make the entire process far more enjoyable and comfortable all around.

Pregnancy is not all butterflies and rainbows but prenatal massage can help it be. To book your prenatal massage with a trusted massage therapist, contact LaVida Massage! We require you be past your 1st trimester before receiving massage, so call us today and get the massage you and your baby deserve!